Monday, January 12, 2009

Coffee & Crime - 1/12/09

by Corey Mitchell

***Russia, the new breeding ground for serial killers? According to the Russian newspaper RNA Novosti, there have been over 500 murders that have occurred at the hands of serial killers in the last three years alone recorded in Russia. Nyet!

***James D. Watts, Jr. of the Tulsa World gives us a heads-up on author William Bernhardt's novel, Nemesis: The Final Case of Eliot Ness, based on the last, destitute days of famous crime fighter Eliot Ness. Bernhardt apparently writes about three three scary subjects in the book: loneliness, serial killers, and Cleveland.

*** According to Andrea Vogt in a special for the Seattle P.I., Amanda Knox (pictured left) is set to go to trial for the murder of Meredith Kercher this coming Friday in Perugia, Italy. Nothing against Kercher, but I am curious just how much coverage this case would garner if the alleged killer were not attractive.

***Looks as if author Neale Donald Walsch will be having a different sort of conversation with God. According to Motoko Rich of the New York Times, the mega-successful spiritual author pilfered a heart-warming Christmas tale for a Christian website from author Candy Chand, even going so far as to say he convinced himself he had written the piece. Ahhhh, putting the sleaze back in Christmas.

***Speaking of lying authors, check out this interesting piece by Lev Raphael over at on a fellow, Herman Rosenblat, whom I wrote about recently in Coffee & Crime. You remember Rosenblat, right? The guy who wrote his fake Holocaust memoirs and even pitched it on Oprah. Not to be deterred, it appears as if the author may now release his book after all, as a work of fiction, with an independent publisher.

Corey Mitchell is a best-selling author of several true crime books, founder of In Cold Blog, a contributor at MetalSucks, and is feeling pretty good about his Pittsburgh Steelers today.

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