Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen to Hit Book, Screen

According to Variety, Hollywood producer John Davis has snapped up the rights to Good Night, Dorothy Kilgallen by Paul Alexander. Davis has a first look deal with Fox Pictures. The book, only in proposal form at this time, was sold to St. Martins Press for publication.

Dorothy Kilgallen (pictured left) was a successful reporter who covered several high profile stories on Hollywood as well as the Sam Sheppard murder case.

She was also friends with President John F. Kennedy.

Alexander's book will purportedly focus on Kilgallen's research into the murder of her friend, Kennedy, her writing of a book on his murder, and her mysterious death soon after she submitted her proposal to her publisher.

Alexander will pen a fictionalized version of the story for the screen. The article does not explicitly state if the book will be a novel or non-fiction.

If you want to know more about Dorothy Kilgallen, check out this well-written article by Sara Jordan in Midwest Today.


Anonymous said...

The picture is not of Dorothy Kilgalen. (It might be of Florence Pritchett, allegedly a mistress of JFK.)

Corey Mitchell said...

@anon: You are correct. It is Pritchett. Thank you for the catch.