Saturday, October 4, 2008

American Lightning Redux: ChrSciMon Likes Story, Not Book

One week ago I wrote about a scathing review of Howard Blum's Hollywood true crime book, American Lightning, that appeared in the Washington Post.

Unfortunately for Blum, the Christian Science Monitor's Randy Dotinga's recent review was not much better. It least it was a bit nicer toward the author -- well, maybe less harsh would be the better phrase.

Dotinga raves about the actual story of the bombing of the Los Angeles Times building, but holds back on distributing praise Blum's way. He writes of the book that it "succeeds in spite of its flaws. Blum’s prose is a bit too breathless at times, and the lack of detailed sourcing makes it difficult to trust his descriptions of the thoughts crossing the minds of the characters."

Dotinga does commend Blum for "painting vivid portraits" of two of the three leads in the story. This is the only praise offered up for the entire book.

If you are still interested in purchasing the book, feel free to do so below:

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