Saturday, September 27, 2008

WaPo Not Too Kind to American Lightning

Washington Post book reviewer Jonathan Yardley's review of Howard Blum's American Lightning: Terror, Mystery, The Birth of Hollywood, and the Crime of the Century is that it is less than worthy of much praise.

Okay, I'll be more forthcoming -- Yardley viciously slams Blum's look at the 1910 Los Angeles Times explosion. He describes the book as "dreadful,"a thoroughgoing dud from first page to last," a piece of "hack journalism," "written badly," "entirely fails," "contrived, plodding, self-infatuated," "cliched," "writing so overheatedly that the reader's eyes are scorched," "hyperbolic," "Blum is hell-bent on achieving Significance," "nothing in Blum's telling of it to warrant frittering away any reader's time," and, finally, "one long slog."


If you are still interested in checking out American Lightning, you can order it below:

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