Friday, July 18, 2008

Joseph Wambaugh born to write The Onion Field

Please check out this nine-minute interview with true crime author and novelist Joseph Wambaugh (pictured left) on NPR's series conclusion of "Crime in the City."

The highly respected best-selling author of such true crime books as The Onion Field and Fire Lover, as well as fictionalized police stories as The Choirboys and The New Centurions, Wambaugh heads back to his old police precinct, the Hollenbeck Division in L.A., to speak to the young officers. Wambaugh regales the squad with tales from his police days and talks about how he interviews cops for his novels as well.

As for his true crime books, Wambaugh insists that he was "put on this planet to write The Onion Field," the classic story of the kidnapping of two police officers and one who was murdered.

You can read the interview here, but I recommend listening to the interview which does include a few extra, funny tidbits.

Also, enjoy this 30-second intro to the 1973 television series Police Story that Wambaugh created.

You can order The Onion Field below:

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