Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From Blog to Book Deal: Jill Leovy's Homicide Report Scores Publishing Deal

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In Cold Blog double Detective Award nominee Jill Leovy (pictured left) has turned her passion from a blog into a book deal. Leovy's exhaustive research of Los Angeles County's murder toll in 2007 for the Los Angeles Times will become the basis for a new book entitled The Homicide Report: Black Men, Murder and America’s Unseen Catastrophe.

Leovy's speciality is to dig deeper into the murder cases her paper either refused to report on or deemed unworthy. Her journalistic efforts caught the eye of publisher Spiegel & Grau. According to the website California Authors, Leovy's book will focus on a smaller section of South Los Angeles and how race factors into the murder equation.

Congratulations to Ms. Leovy.

Check out Leovy's blog, Homicide Report.

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