Friday, June 6, 2008

Yet Another Horror Director Takes on True Crime: Stuart Gordon and Stuck

Yesterday, I wrote about famed horror director Brian DePalma signing on to direct The Boston Stranglers. Today, it's the inimitable Stuart Gordon with the release of his latest film, Stuck.

Gordon, the director of such horror classics as Re-Animator and From Beyond, tries his hand at telling a most unusual true crime tale. It is a re-working of the 2001 hit-and-run murder of a homeless man, Gregory Biggs, committed by Chante Mallard in Fort Worth, Texas.

What made the story headline-worthy was that Mallard, a nurse, ran into Biggs who got stuck in her windshield. She then went home, parked her car in her garage, and left Biggs to die stuck in her windshield. Hence the title of the new film.

Interestingly, Mallard is black and Biggs was white. In the movie, however, they are portrayed by two white actors, Mena Suvari (American Beauty) and Stephen Rea (The Crying Game). Nothing against Suvari, but I would have much preferred seeing a larger black woman, say Niecy Nash (Reno 911), play the role of the murderer. Also, the potential for racial tension would probably make this film even more intense.

Regardless, several publications are singing the praises of this film including the San Francisco Gate which called the film "chilling" and admired its dark humor.

I nominated Stuck for Best True Crime Film of 2007 over at In Cold Blog earlier this year. The film was originally seen at numerous film festivals last year and is only now seeing a wider release -- okay, well, it's showing on two screens total.

Check out the trailer for Stuck below:

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