Monday, June 30, 2008

True Crime Writers as Killers

[Ed. - Hello, I am back from a two-week sabbatical of office remodeling and shed building. I could not have completed the latter without the help of a six-month pregnant mother (featured in the previous post) and an honorably discharged vet with a medical disability. Thank you Loryll and Adam. You guys are great.]

Please take a gander at an interesting article from last week about true crime reporters who get a little too caught up in their work. It springs from the recent suicide of Macedonian journalist Vlado Taneski who was recently charged with murdering two elderly women whom he had written about in the newspaper for which he worked.

Now you know why I always write about cases that are closed. I don't want any UNBers out there wagging their fingers at me!

Also, here is an article from about a newspaper that used a photograph of Croatian soccer coach Slaven Bilic as the killer instead of Taneski.

Lawsuit anyone?

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