Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Uptight Ninny Brigade Alert! Comic Books are Evil

Today's cable news networks and talk radio programs are littered with so-called professionals who harp on the ills of the entertainment industry.

If one were to only use these sources for their information, you would think every person who has ever watched a horror film, played a violent videogame, or listened to a death metal download would be drooling, sex-crazed, misogynistic murderers looking for their next kill.

Guess what? The Uptight Ninny Brigade has always been around spouting off their shallow, narrow-minded tripe and blaming everything under the sun on the entertainment industry. It is the last resort of clueless, unimaginative, finger-wagging do-gooders.

For further proof that the UNB is not a recent phenomenon, please read Jason A. Zwicker's excellent and insightful review of David Hadju's book, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic Book Scare and How it Changed America, in today's issue of the Charleston City Paper.

Comic book burnings were the norm in the 1950s. Churches condemned the four-panel as the work of Satan. And, no surprise, talking head pseudo-professionals lay the scourge of juvenile delinquency at the feet of the comic book industry.

Zwicker writes of one such bloviator, "Hajdu presents [Dr. Frederich] Wertham as building his own fame by attacking what was already widely popular, especially in youth culture, going for an easy tsk-tsk, ain’t-it-such-a-shame-about-kids-these-days knee-jerk reaction from his readers."

Sounds eerily familiar.

Be sure to read Zwicker's quality review and then pick up Hadju's book.

The only way to fight against the Uptight Ninny Brigade is to continue to educate yourself as to their smoke-and-mirror tactics and reading The Ten-Cent Plague is one way of doing so. It is also imperative that you learn to never back down from those who do not understand, nor accept, that which does not fit their purview of how life should be lived.

These talking heads, like Wertham, are the real threat to America's freedoms and liberties.

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