Sunday, April 6, 2008

True Crime @ Tribeca Film Festival

In the coming months I will take a look at numerous film festivals across the world and hone in on the true crime/based on true crime offerings.

Most viewers will never hear of some of these films, so I hope I will be able to shine a spotlight on many that would often go under the radar.

For now, I will let you know what pertinent films will be playing at various festivals and hopefully you will be able to catch one or more if they are shown in your neck of the woods.

The first BOTS True Crime Film Festival Spotlight is on Robert Deniro's brainchild, the Tribeca Film Festival, which takes place April 23-May 4.

Below is a list of true crime-related films or documentaries with descriptions from the Tribeca site:

An Omar Broadway Film - Using a contraband video camera inside the notorious gang unit at Newark's Northern State Prison, a jailed Bloods member puts his life on the line to document guards' corruption and excessive force. His groundbreaking footage exposes the violent and unseen world behind bars.

Watch trailer:

This Is Not A Robbery - One morning, J.L. "Red" Rountree woke, ate breakfast, went for a drive, and robbed a bank. He was 87. This is the unusual story of how this devoted family man and law abiding senior citizen became one of the country's most notorious serial bank robbers.
Film website

Milosevic on Trial - Defending himself against widely credited charges of genocide before an international court in The Hague, Serbia's former ruler proved frustratingly difficult to convict, as this riveting look at Milosevic and the chief prosecuting attorney attests.
Film website

Secrecy - In the years following September 11, the black redaction stripe has become a familiar sight to most Americans. Secrecy probes the roots of the United States' culture of classification-and its consequences.

Watch IndieWire Video on Secrecy:

Of course, check the Tribeca Film Festival website for showtimes and venues.

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