Wednesday, April 9, 2008

True Crime @ NOLA International Human Rights Film Festival

The New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival opens today with several true crime documentaries and continues through April 20. Among some of the films are:

Against the Grain - the story of an artist who used a portrait of Chairman Mao in one of his paintings and was sentenced to 20 years in prison for it. Visit the blog for the film. Saturday, April 19, 1pm – Zeitgeist. Regional Premiere.

Chicago 10 - (from the film fest description) "tells the story of the buildup and unraveling of the 1968 Chicago Conspiracy trial not as 'history,' but as an electrifying experience felt with up-to-the-moment immediacy." Thursday, April 17, 7pm – Canal Place. New Orleans Premiere.

Daughters of Gardeners - a documentary on the more than 36 million missing women in India, as well as a look at the practices of kidnapping and sexual trafficking of young girls and women. Saturday, April 12, 12:00pm, Zeitgeist. Regional Premiere.

Jena Six - a documentary on the continuing racism that exists in Louisiana. Sunday, April 20, 7:30pm - Zeitgeist. New Orleans Premiere.

The Sugar Babies - a documentary that focuses on the plight of child trafficking used for sugar production. Saturday, April 19, 4pm – Zeitgeist.

T. Don Hutto: America's Family Prison - a short documentary on a prison just north of Austin, Texas where the Department of Homeland Security has imprisoned entire families conidered to be "nefarious." Tuesday, April 15, 5pm – SUNO, and Sunday, April 20, 7:30 pm – Zeitgeist.

Taxi to the Dark Side - 2008 Academy Award winner for Best Documentary, this film explores the murder of a taxicab driver and expands outward to touch on issues of dentention and torture. Thursday, April 10, 7pm - Canal Place. New Orleans Premiere.

Untitled Video on Lynn Stewart, Her Conviction, the Law, and Poetry - short documentary on the first attorney ever convicting for "aiding terrorism in the United States. You can actually watch the entire 18-minute movie here. Saturday, April 19, 6pm - The Porch. Regional Premiere.

Vows of Silence - a documentary of a Catholic priest who is potentially a pedophile and a Vatican investigator who tracks him down in an effort to build a case against him. Monday, April 14, 7pm – Prytania. World Premiere.

Wade in the Water - a documentary that focuses on a section of New Orleans decimated by Katrina, but already damaged beforehand due to violence. The film was shot by students from the first school to re-open after the hurricane. Visit the film website here. Friday, April 18, 7pm – Prytania. New Orleans Premiere.

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