Monday, April 28, 2008

True Crime Author Lisa Wilson Runs for District Council Seat in Alvin, Texas

My friend and fellow true crime author, Lisa Wilson (pictured left), is running for the Alvin, Texas, District D town council seat. Election day is May 10.

Wilson, a rape victim who penned the true crime account of her story in Don't Just Sit There, has sat on the town council before. This time she is running on a platform specific to the town of Alvin that focuses on mobile home ordinances. She hopes to clarify the language of the ordinances and give mobile home residents the same opportunities as traditional homeowners.

To learn more about Lisa and her ordeal, please visit her MySpace page.

You can order her book, Don't Just Sit There, below:

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crimebuster7 said...

Thanks so much for the blog space, but clarification needs to be made...a slight boo boo, but I had wanted to run for a council seat in years past, but had not followed through...until now. Property rights are another issue that is on my agenda.

Keep up the good work.

Lisa A. Wilson