Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thomas H. Cook is No "Snooty" Writer

Here is an interesting interview with former true crime author/current mystery writer Thomas H. Cook (pictured left). The author of two true crime books, Early Graves (1990) and Blood Echoes (1992), Cook mainly focuses on crime fiction these days.

I enjoy his take on genre tags: "I think it can be snooty to define yourself as something other than a crime writer. I’ve written mainstream fiction. But essentially I write about people in crisis, and crime is usually what propels that crisis. So the label doesn’t bother me."

Cook also is not a fan of serial killers in fiction as he believes it is like "following a shark: the shark eats this and the shark eats that. It’s extremely boring." He does, however, enjoy true crime books about serial killers, with the Green River Killer of special note.

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