Saturday, April 5, 2008

Strangler Prosecutor Kelly Siegler Seeks Harris County D.A.

Kelly Siegler, the Harris County prosecutor who successfully convicted serial killer Anthony Allen Shore, and was prominently featured in my latest book, Strangler, is vying for the position of Harris County District Attorney this Tuesday in a Republican runoff.

Siegler, who has won several high-profile cases, will also be featured in my upcoming book, Pure Murder, on the murders of Elizabeth Pena and Jennifer Ertman by six teenage boys in Houston, Texas.

Siegler gained nationwide attention for her work in the Susan Wright case back in 2004. Wright, a former stripper, was convicted of stabbing her husband nearly 200 times. Siegler's courtroom tactics garnered her coverage on several cable news network programs.

In addition, Siegler was also approached by Hollywood executives who wanted to create a television series based on her life and her courtroom prowess.

As a former law school graduate, I know how boring most attorneys really are. If you have read most of my books, I don't waste the readers' time with long, detailed biographies on lawyers because, frankly, they are not very interesting. That changed with Strangler and Kelly Siegler. I was fascinated by her small town charm, her rapier-like wit, and her commitment to working for the victims. Subsequently, she is the first and only attorney prominently featured in any of my books.

Though I am diametrically opposed politcially to Kelly, I would not hesitate to endorse her for the position of District Attorney of Harris County. She will not only serve the victims of crime in Harris County well, she will serve the citizens with dignity and grace -- with a touch of good ol' ribald southern Texas charm.

The winner of the Tuesday runoff will face Democratic challenger, former Houston police chief C.O. Bradford (whom I have also written about), in November for the District Attorney's position.

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