Saturday, April 19, 2008

Exploding Talking Heads: Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox and Worthless "Professionals"

It's interesting to find out that America is not the only country with an excess of blowhard, so-called crime "experts" who whore themselves out to every television show, just to get their mug on-screen and to spout off nonsensical or painfully obvious observations.

Tim Teeman of the British Times Online writes a sharp piece skewering the media and its coverage of the Meredith Kercher (pictured left)murder.

Those receiving the majority of Teeman's wrath are a program called Cutting Edge, which he derides with, "All this hyperbole about hyperbole came furnished with a soundtrack better suited to a Hammer [classic British horror film studio] film," and "a famous Italian crime journalist [they hired] to wander the streets of Perugia, unhelpfully noting that nothing could be proved or deduced."

Sounds like so many of our country's so-called "professionals" or "experts" who toss out their gas-baggery for the whole world to swallow, regardless of credentials, experience, and truthfulness.

Always be skeptical of the so-called "true crime experts" you see on television.

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