Monday, April 14, 2008

Edgar Winning True Crime Author Burl Barer Joins In Cold Blog

Michelle Gray, the new editor over at In Cold Blog, was eager to announce to me that Edgar-winning true crime author Burl Barer (pictured left) has joined the award-winning true crime blog.

Barer is the author of several true crime books including Headlock, Broken Doll, and Body Count. He is also the host of a one-hour weekly show every Saturday on the Outlaw Radio Network.

Barer has a wicked sense of humor and an avid appreciation of the dark side. In other words, he is a perfect fit for ICB.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Burl's first post at ICB and say "hello."

Burl Barer's website

You can order one of Burl Barer's greatest books below:

1 comment:

Burl Barer said...

I have known Burl Barer all my life, and he is the only person of which I am aware that is medically diagnosed as "charming." Then again, that was the medical diagnosis of his "primary personality affectation."
If "charming" is his affectation, what is he REALLY like? Well, as I am Burl Barer, I say that what was once an affectation has become permanently affixed to my personality. Next, I'm working on modesty and shyness.

Thanks for having me on ICB!!