Thursday, April 3, 2008

Canuck True Crime: Class Project Book on Sisters Who Drowned Mom

Here is an interesting article in the Toronto, Canada newspaper The Mississaugua News, about a horrid Canadian true crime case.

A recently released book, The Class Project: How to Kill a Mother, by Toronto Star reporter Bob Mitchell (pictured left; no relation), tells the story of two Canadian teenage sisters who murdered their mother.

The girls, dubbed "The Bathtub Sisters," apparently plotted out their mother's demise over several months prior to her execution. They were also very open about their plans with several friends and left quite a visible internet trail of their preparation and subsequent braggings about the misdeed.

The Mississaugua News says The Class Project "provides chilling insight to an unforgettable story," and also that the book is being shopped to the Lifetime Movie Network in the United States for a possible adapatation.

You can order Mitchell's book now:

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