Friday, April 11, 2008

Caitlin Rother's Twisted Triangle Leaks Early

I popped into a Barnes & Noble on the west side of San Antonio that I have not been to yet and did my usual perusal of the true crime book section. Lo and behold, more than one week before its promoted release date, I spied my fellow In Cold Blogger Caitlin Rother's brand new hardcover book, Twisted Triangle: A Famous Crime Writer, a Lesbian Love Affair, and the FBI Husband's Violent Revenge, gracing the shelves.

I look forward to cracking open the cover to Caitlin's newest tome. The story of a FBI couple mired in jealousy and violence should be an excellent beach read for those of you looking for something unique and entertaining this summer.

I have not known Caitlin for very long as she joined up with ICB only last December, however, I already know I am a big fan of her as a person and as an author. I also admire the fact that she is a strong woman who understands the nature of the true crime business and refuses to be a member of the Uptight Ninny Brigade.

Best of luck with Twisted Triangle, Caitlin. I know true crime readers (and more) will enjoy your latest!

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