Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bulgarian True Crime Writer Georgi Stoev Murdered

Former Bulgarian mob member and successful true crime and fiction author Georgi Stoev was assassinated by two men in the streets of Sofia this past Monday, April 7. Stoev (pictured left) survived the attack, however, he later died in a hospital during brain surgery.

Stoev's niche was exposing Bulgarian underworld mob bosses in such works as BG Godfather (The True Story of Madzho), BG Godfather-2: the Marguin, Boyko and the others, and BG Godfather-3: Lyuben Gotsev - the Real Godfather.

Speculation has run rampant that Stoev was murdered as an act of revenge by someone exposed in one of his books.

According to The Sofia Echo, the country's prosecution is questioning "alleged crime bosses Mladen Mihalev, aka Madjo, as well as Krasimir Marinov and Nikolai Marinov, aka the Margin brothers, in relation to the murder of Georgi Stoev." The news outlet added, "Madjo and the Margin brothers were among the characters in Stoev’s books, that being the reason why they would be interrogated."

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