Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Uptight Ninny Brigade Alert! True Crime is Evil

I came across this opinion piece today in the Napa Valley Register in regard to my friend and fellow In Cold Blogger Paul LaRosa (pictured left) and his book, Nightmare in Napa. This diatribe condemns true crime writing as "prurient entertainment" and alludes to a belief that Paul is merely trying to make a buck off another person's tragedy.

This is something we as true crime authors hear far too often.

Usually, as is the case here, this criticism comes from the ill-informed. Indeed, the editorialist has not even read Paul's book, yet he ascribes intent and quality based on some online reviews of the book.

I cannot begin to count the number of times I have received letters and e-mails from people who were directly involved in a crime as a victim, victim's family member, friend, acquaintance, or total stranger thanking me for writing about such horrendous cases. In fact, I received one today from a reader who found out about my upcoming book, Pure Murder, on the rape and murders of Elizabeth Pena and Jennifer Ertman. She emphasized her appreciation for keeping the memory of her friend alive and also thanked me for providing a tool to hopefully keep other young people from facing a similar fate as her friend.

True crime writers usually write these stories because we are moved by the tragedy that befell the victim or victims, the impact that the crime had on those that surround the victim, and a fascination with the criminal mind and the various factors that go into the choices killers make. These are just a few of the reasons.

Believe me, unless you are Ann Rule or Vincent Bugliosi, you ain't makin' a whole hell of a lot in this genre. Further proof that the motives of true crime writers are usually honest, forthright, and honorable.

Paul LaRosa definitely falls into that category.

If you would actually like to read Paul's book and form an educated opinion, feel free to order a copy below.

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