Saturday, March 22, 2008

PW Not Impressed with F. Lee Bailey Book

Publisher's Weekly reviewed two true crime books this week and were less than impressed. The books are When the Husband is the Suspect by F. Lee Bailey with Jean Rabe and Texas Rangers: Wearing the Cinco Peso: 1821-1900 by Mike Cox.

PW says of Bailey and Rabe's book, "Readers expecting that Bailey—one of the best-known criminal defense attorneys of the last half-century—would provide insight into spousal homicide will be disappointed by this book."

PW was not much more enthused about Cox's book: "Old West buffs will enjoy the steady stream of anecdotes, but readers looking for a thoughtful or critical history of law enforcement along the Texas frontier will be left unsatisfied."

Interestingly, both books are published by Forge Books.

If you are not prone to trust book reviewers and would like to make your own opinions, you can purchase both books below and decide for yourself.

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